Absolute path in Main.vi

I just uploaded a new version of the Labview control software (specifically “Main.vi”). The old version contained an absolute path to the projectSinewave VI which caused problems if you try to use the software on other PCs. You can download the new version from the github or, if you want to make the change yourself, just delete the absolute path in the “Init” state and replace it with a relative path to the projectSinewave function.

Thanks to Kavon Karrobi for noticing the error.

Arduino Code

The original version of the website contained a link to an old version of the Arduino code that isn’t correct. You can download the new version that should work here. Or if you’d rather update it yourself, you just need to copy and paste the following code inside the “loop” function:

serialCheck(); //Check for new serial input
if (stringComplete){ //Check if string is complete
parseInput(); //Run parseInput function
} //end if

Thanks to Ben Mellors for noticing the error