Small LabVIEW glitch

Hi Everyone,

Ben Mellors at the University of Birmingham found a some interesting behavior (behaviour?) in the LabView code. I’ll let him tell it:

I have come across an interesting aspect of the Lab View code that I thought was worth a mention. I have transferred the system across to another PC and all was running fine except the pattern display. When the was running and measurements were set, the opened as expected on the DMD display but no stripes were being projected. I then swapped out the DMD for a regular desktop monitor, and the patterns were showing. After a bit of investing I have found that the problem occurs when the DMDs location in relation to the main display is set to the left hand side. Once this is simply swapped over in the display orientation settings of the graphics card menu, the problem is resolved and the DMD displays the patterns as expected.

So keep an eye out where the external monitoring is appearing.

Thanks Ben!